Friday, December 2, 2011

Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love

The obvious signs of Advent season have arrived at my house.  There is the calendar with the growing Nativity scene (you put something new up every day), the Advent wreath complete with the high-tech candles sits on the coffee table, and the chosen book is there ready to be read each evening.  Even as the girls have grown older, we still love these traditions because they cause us to stop and reflect on the season.  This becomes more important as the world around us seems to move at a faster and faster pace - increasing almost daily in its ability to overtake and overwhelm.

As I did last year, I find I don’t want to rush past the wonder and majesty of an Infant Jesus lying humbly in a stable feed trough.  This is the gateway to the Story of Redemption God is unfolding.  The humanity of Jesus is absolutely critical to the plot and the First Advent is all about His humanity.  We can’t fall for some theological thoughts about his Divine nature being only slightly veiled in the midst of that crude cradle.  We need to understand that He willingly set aside a great portion of his Divine nature so He could go through the complete human experience.  He had to in order to complete the work on our behalf.

My challenge to you is to reflect on the First Advent this year.  Consider the important part it plays in God’s Story.  Seek to understand the impact of the humanity of Jesus.  And perhaps light the weekly candles for Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love as a part of your reflection.

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  1. I just posted four weeks of Bible passages for advent. I have to admit I thought advent was the daily calendar. Had not idea there were themes or anything really special about it. Unbelievable, huh?