Saturday, June 15, 2013

Being a Father

I don't think anything in this world gives me more joy than being a father and a husband to the wife who gave my girls to me.  I remember the first time I saw each of them.  I remember the videos we shot and the pictures we took.  I remember teaching them to ride a bike, taking the to the park, and trying to comfort them when they were sick or hurt.  I have keepsakes of all kinds, both those I can touch and those I can remember.  They are my pride and joy ... and they always will be.

This year, I'm away from them for the "big day" which is fine.  I'm a typical guy when it comes to the sentimentality of a Hallmark holiday.  But I still have them with me.  We've talked on the phone and via video.  One e-card has shown up and another (a fantastic one) will be on its way in the morning.  So even if we're apart, we're still together.  That's how connected we are and how much I love them.

Our heavenly father sees this same joy in us.  He has the same kind of memories and "videos" of us.  He would hang the pictures we make for him on his fridge if he had one.  He loves us that much.  So on this Fathers' Day, when the Crooked Path has me in a different location from my wife and girls, I want to take the time to tell my heavenly father that I love him more than ever and thank him for the girls he has entrusted to me.

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