Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Word Upfront

The idea for this collection started shortly after we lost my brother Mike to cancer. In fact, the entry titled “My appointment calendar” is taken directly from a book he started to write but never had the opportunity to finish. As I’ve dealt with any number of happenings in my life, I’ve found that turning to my thoughts, conversations with others, the Word, and our God have provided a deeper solace than any other “trick” I’ve run across. It may not always explain it (it sometimes seems like it rarely does), but it does provide a center, a sense of balance that can only come from trusting in our Heavenly Father. The older I get, the fewer explanations I look for anyway.

This collection of thoughts, one I’ve tagged a “survival guide” is intended to provoke thought, conversation, and a deeper understanding of how much Jesus loves us. It came about through personal conflicts, listening to various sermons, and a host of other discussions I’ve had with fellow travelers on the crooked path. I owe this writing to some very close friends, my pastor, and most of all to my God who provides the insights when we seek His direction.

“Walking the Crooked Path” is dedicated to the memory of my late brother Mike and to all those who have lost someone on this side of Heaven and are working through the process of understanding it. For those who have yet to lose a close loved one, perhaps this can help prepare you for what lies ahead. Rest assured that we cannot escape our Father’s watchful eye and every turn and dip in the road is seen clearly by Him.

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