Sunday, July 4, 2010

Traveling Together

When I started to write Walking the Crooked Path: a Survival Guide for the Rest of Us, it became a passion for me. What started as a therapeutic way of dealing with the many aspects of life on this crippled Earth developed into a voice calling out things God had laid on my heart. While I've kept the main title the same in this second set of installments, I want what I write to continue to provide encouragement for all of us who are walking the Crooked Path.

Among the greatest truths one can embrace is that we do not travel alone. We have been designed in the relational image of a God who loves us and provides for us while we go through life. He has provided the greatest of encouragement in our Divine Brother, Jesus Christ. Our Lord walked every step of the path before us and has now "doubled back" to walk beside us as well. He can be trusted above any other to show us each bend, each fallen obstacle, and every rise and fall of the road.

God has also provided a wide range of people we will meet - fellow travelers, some of whom will provide great assistance to us. Some we meet will need to draw on our experience and wisdom as they journey. All of us are linked together in a great bond of Eternal Love provided freely and yet at the utmost cost to the Giver.

So, as we continue our journey on the Crooked Path, may we do so with a gladness of spirit that comes from knowing we do not do so alone. May we be encouraged by God, His Word, and our fellow travelers. And may we reflect that encouragement to others who we meet along the way.

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